Yesterday was my first day of the period. It’s been two months since the last time I got the period. It always comes late, and sometimes I am worried about getting pregnant. I just wanted to lay down in bed all day long and did nothing because my body felt sick.

My house was messy. I don’t have any energies to clean up anything. Thankfully, every weekend my mom-in-law comes and always helps me clean my house up. She’s like Marie Kondo, who loves to tidy up anything. She knows how messy I am. She never complained about me or anything. She is pretty nice and warm. I love her. Haha!

I have felt anxious and exhausted lately because my daughter is back to school. She goes to school at 7 am, making me in a hurry. I prefer the school from home, it has less drama, and I am still worried about the virus. But school haven’t had an option if the students could choose to have school from home or school. Sigh.

Every morning I got up at five and prayed. After that, I make breakfast and bento for Ivy’s lunch in school. For breakfast, she usually eats toast and drinks milk or tea. She never eats a heavy breakfast. I wouldn’t say I like cooking, and even I can make delicious food.  I think cooking makes me tired and I stay in a bad mood.

It is true. Cooking in a hurry makes me feel exhausted and anxious all day long. I can buy food for her bento, but she loves eating my cooking. So I used to cook for her. I prefer to purchase ready-to-eat food than cooking from scratch. Or I go to my mom’s to dine in. Oh, my mom has a restaurant with a varied menu. Lucky me, sometimes we don’t need to pay for our food 🤣

Back to my daughter, when she goes to school every morning, I have lots of time doing anything I love. Usually, I sit at my desk, drinking my coffee, writing a journal, writing essays, studying Japanese, listening to music, or watching movies. Sometimes I get bored, but sometimes I’m excited too. I got bored because I miss my daughter when she’s away, she’s annoying, but I always miss her 🤣.

I started working when she got back from school in the afternoon. I am working from around 11 am to 5 pm. But when I have many things to do, I will work earlier in the morning.

Recently I hated my job, like, I lost my energies, I lost my creativities, and I felt like I didn’t want to do anything. It is more like I am becoming lazier than before.

I need a long break from work. But, I remember again that I HAVE TO work, for my savings, to buy anything I want (not what I need, because my needs are my husband’s responsibility wkwk). I remember when the first time I started my job and business, and then I got up and back to work again with a heavy heart. Haha!

Hoping this world would be cured and everything back to normal again. I am so sick of the virus. I want to holiday abroad, go anywhere I want without feeling worried. Even now, the virus has a new variant called Omicron? What the heck! Are we back to 2020 again? Oh my goodness!🥵🥴

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