It’s already a week since RADWIMPS 15th Anniversary Special Concert was held. So sad that I can’t watch it again even in video on demand. Hahaha! The concert was held in two days, 22-23 November 2020. Actually I wanted to buy two tickets for two days but I was worried if the concert wouldn’t be what I imagined and I lost my $ 55, LOL. So, I bought a ticket only for first day’s. First time I heard RADWIMPS songs was when I watched Kimi no Nawa / Your Name back then. Thanks to YouTube and Spotify so I can watch their videos and listen to their other songs continously and become my favorite playlist until now. My husband always complains about my playlist that never change for more than two years. He complains because I play it loudly in loud speaker, not in earphone. Maybe he got tired and sick to listen my playlist. Hahaha! Not only me, my 5 yo daughter becomes RDWIMPS’ fan too. Even she asked me, “I wanna going to Japan to watch their live concert and meet uncle Yojiro” LOL. RADWIMPS 15th Anniversary Special Concert was amazing. The sound, stage, layout, and lighting was just perfect. I rarely become a fan of someone/band, but RADWIMPS is an exception. This was became my very first time watching an online concert. My expectation was it would be like watching videos on YouTube. But I was totally wrong. The concert’s atmosphere really felt like a REAL live concert. I love the sound out, stage layout, lighting, preview of RADWIMPS picts and videos that displayed at stage’s floor. I love how Yojiro communicated with audience. Even he said “hi” and thanked the audience who watched from home too. I could feel how nice and kind Yojiro to RADWIMPS’ fans. It made me love him even more 🤭🤭. We are know that RADWIMPS must be very upset bcs their “Konnichiwa Nippon Tour 2020” and “RADWIMPS World Tour 2020” got canceled due to the pandemic. And it wasn’t easy to prepare their live and virtual concert in this pandemic either, but RADWIMPS and staff did it well and finally succeed! Whoohooo!! In the first day of the concert, all of viewers from home got some trouble bcs the countdown in their website suddenly turned “offline”. Until the time has came, it was still turned into “offline” mode. We could not watch the first 15 minutes. What the hell is going on? I didn’t know what happen. So I missed two songs in the beginning. Huhu so sad ☹️ (Actually, I was worried just because I didn’t want to lose my $30 hahaha!). But fine, it was paid-off with quality of the concert. I realy love Yojiro’s voice. It was EXACTLY as good as records’ quality. Because sometime the quality of live concert lil bit different. Oh, and I just realize that Kuwahara and Takeda are really skilled in guitar, bass, cello, mandolin, launchpad, and MIDI keyboard. OMG where have I been all this time? 😱 The “showing skill” part really made us, the audience, enjoy their “real skill” haha! I could see how Kuwahara moves his fingers and made the guitar’s sound very clear. It must be hard since the stage was dark and couldn’t see the frets and strings clearly hahahaha! I know that the chords used for all the RADWIMPS songs are tough, they never use simple or basic chords! So I was just amazed by their skills 😌. They surprised us by inviting Aimer onto the stage and singing “Chouchou Musubi”. Fyi, Yojiro Noda and Aimer were collab in this song years ago. I love how Aimer dressed. She looked so humble there, or just became Aimer as usual, hehehe. Day one of RADWIMPS 15th Anniversary Special Concert setlist: 1. Tayuta 2. Grand Escape 3. Shinsekai 4. Sprechchor 5. Perfect Baby 6. Never Ever Ender 7. Oshakashama 8. G-Koui 9. We’ll Be Alright 10. Yadokari 11. Stick Figure 12. Hotaru 13. Confession 14. Tremolo 15. Masumaru 16. Futarigoto 17. 25 Rome no Senshokuttai 18. Chouchou Musubi ft Aimer 19. Iindesuka 20. Dada
RADWIMPS 15th Anniversary Special Concert
RADWIMPS Acoustic Session – “Daijoubu” Performance
My fav part was when they played “Daijoubu” and “Yadokari” in acoustic session. I love how Yojiro casually strum the guitar. Just like me when I play the guitar at home 🤣🤣 I mean, i can feel the comfort during acoustic part. They moved to other stage that decorated like living room. I think it was so Indonesian that we usually visit to friends’ home and we play guitar/orher instruments and sing together while eating snacks served by their mom :D. I was waiting for Kokorononaka too, the song had never been performed live before, btw. But “Hotaru” was not bad either. It was lil bit different with original version. In this concert, they improvised the intro. I love how Yojiro starts the “Hotaru” with an intro using soft piano sound. It was more calming in our soul than the original version that used clean guitar’s effect.
RADWIMPS 15th Anniversary Special Concert
RADWIMPS – “Perfect Baby” Performance
I like their outfits and I was wondering who’s their stylist? Look at Takeda’s clothes. He wore a pant and shirt like ‘sarong’ and ‘koko shirt’ that usually wear when Indonesian (or Muslims) going to mosque or pray. But in Takeda, it turned out to be so stylish outfits! And who is Yojiro’s stylist? I love how they styling Yojiro’s hairs. My daughter said, “Why uncle Yojiro didn’t comb his hairs before? Is he just getting up from sleep and going to concert?” Haha! But thanks to his iconic hat that covered his hairs, so his messy hairs covered very well, LOL. 2.5 hours has passed quickly. I thought I should have to buy more ticket for second day’s concert. The price of ticket was very worth to buy again hahaha! I hope in day two they will perform “Sparkle” or “Nandemonaiya” which actually the songs that made me (or other listeners from outside Japan) fell in love in the first time with RADWIMPS. I was lil bit disappointed bcs in first day of concert they didn’t performed Your Name’s soundtrack or songs from 2020 album 😌 DAY 2 I was lil bit nervous again in the second day’s. I thought that the web would be offline again just like in the first day of concert. Fortunately, 5 minutes before it was started, the web had already stopped counting down and started imedeately.
RADWIMPS – “Grand Escape” Performance
They opened the concert with “Tayuta”, after that they performed “Grand Escape” with Yojiro’s voice. It was became my fav part of this concert. We all already know that this song is collaboration song with Toko Miura. But in this concert, this song was performed by Yojiro himself. I think that would be all fans fav part too. Btw, I found out that “Grand Escape” was performed in day one’s concert too when I watched video on demand the other day, remember that we missed two opening songs that actually include this best part, I was really disappointed, hiks. Almost forgot to tell you, I was watching RADWIMPS 15th Anniversary Special Concert with my daughter. She was very excited to watch her fav songs kinda “Grand Escape”, “Daijoubu”, and “Sparkle”. But after that, she cried and asked me to take her to Japan in order to watch RADWIMPS’ live concert directly hahaha! Day two of RADWIMPS 15th Anniversary Special Concert setlist:
  1. Tayuta
  2. Grand Escape
  3. Darma Grand Prix
  4. Shinsekai
  5. Sprechchor
  6. Perfect Baby
  7. Never Ever Ender
  8. Oshakashama
  9. G-Koui
  10. Ofuro Agari No
  11. Yadokari
  12. Stick Figure
  13. Hotaru
  14. Confession
  15. Tremolo
  16. Yuushinron
  17. Masumaru
  18. Bag Boy
  19. Oaiko ft Hanaregumi
  20. Iindesuka
  21. Sparkle
  22. Dada
RADWIMPS 15th Anniversary Special Concert
RADWIMPS ft Hanaregumi
They moved to “living room” stage again to sing “Ofuro Agari No” and “Yadokari” in acoustic session just like in the first day. I love how Kuwahara playing mandolin. Before the concert, Yojiro gave us a hint in his IG story a pict of RADWIMPS playing acoustic and Kuwahara play mandolin, so all of fans guessing that they would be performed “Ofuro Agari No” in this concert 😁. After that, they moved to main stage again and performed “Stick Figure”. If I heard correctly, was he singing “Stick Figure” while crying? Could you guys heard it too? RADWIMPS surprised us again with inviting Hanaregumi onto the stage. But I’m sorry I’ve never heard that song before so I could not enjoy their performance. Call me a bad fan but it’s actually true. Huhuu!
RADWIMPS 15th Anniversary Special Concert
RADWIMPS – “Sparkle” Performance
I was very happy when RADWIMPS finally performed “Sparkle”. The atmosphere immediately turned into goosebumps when intro has just begun and supported by beautiful lighting that made us felt more immersed among the stars while the lights floating in the sky above the stage. Felt like we were dancing in the stars while listening to the soft piano sound and clean guitar’s effect. I thought I wanted to cry when I heard “Aishikata saemo kimi no nioi ga shita.” part. I was remember when Mitsuha opened her hand but she found out Taki wrote “I love you” instead of his name 😌. I was happy and sad at the same time. I was happy because I could watch their concert virtually, and I was sad because I saw the audience in Yokohama Arena unable to sing-a-long like usual because of the Covid protocols they did not allowed to sing-a-long for minimalize infection. Yes, they were, all of them, wearing masks and keep their distance from each other. This was the first time too for us and RADWIMPS. Covid-19 really sucks, but we can still be happy together in this concert ❤ I Hope one day I can visit Japan and watch RADWIMPS concert directly. Happy 15th Anniversary, RADWIMPS! I really appreciate your efforts in this concert. Stay safe and healthy, everyone!   RADWIMPS 15th Anniversary Special Concert Trailer: Bonus pictures:
RADWIMPS 15th Anniversary Special Concert
RADWIMPS – “Stick Figure” performance
RADWIMPS 15th Anniversary Special Concert
RADWIMPS 15th Anniversary Special Concert        

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